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How to mine your network for mortgage leads

1) To tap into your personal network and find prospects you'll need to be persistent in your efforts by reminding friends, relatives, well-wishers about our offerings and benefits. PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF!

2) Tap into the marketing potential of social media. Over 70% of all marketers acquire leads through Facebook, 40% through Twitter and 65% via LinkedIn. Use social media to your advantage. If you're not active on social media, you're missing out on the opportunity to connect with new potential clients.

3) Join local facebook groups- this will give you a way to network with thousands of prospects. Real estate groups, community groups, cultural groups are great if you speak another language. If you have specific hobbies reach out to others within your community. (sports, art, dance, etc.)

4) Create a post asking for recommendations for real estate agents, real estate attorneys, divorce/family law attorneys, loan officers, accountants. (You will likely get a lot of responses- now you have a list of people you can contact and network with)

5) Use Kijiji/Craigslist for mortgage marketing - create an attractive posting and be consistent with your posts. Remember that there are other agents actively posting so yours might bounce back- don't be  discouraged. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

6) Approach real estate agents that you personally know- sharing part of your commission with them will likely attract their attention. Real estate agents, or realtors, come into contact with hopeful home buyers and generate mortgage leads on a regular basis. Explain who you are and what our mortgage office has to offer to the realtor and any mortgage lead they refer to you. Ask them what is important to them in a mortgage partner and what they want in a mutually beneficial relationship.

7) Search Hashtags - You will be able to find realtors by searching things like #mississaugarealestate #torontorealestate #bramptonrealestate Now you'll be able to reach out to even more agents.

8) Share Realtors Listings - When you connect with an agent and you see them share a nice listing, share it with your audience for them. This alerts the agent that you’re trying to help, plus your friends may see the listing and ask you to get them a loan for it.

9) Email your lead a mortgage application and have them email it back to us with you bcc'd into the email.

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