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Skyrock Construction is a premier General Contracting company servicing the Toronto, Mississauga,Oakville/ Burlington, Hamilton & surrounding areas. Our focus is on design, build and custom renovations both for residential and commercial.

We have an in house team and work with many qualified trades and professionals, throughout every project from the planning stages to the final product.

Our goal is to make the process and the experience both enjoyable for our clients and everyone involved in the project. Communication is the key from all sides, and that why we've partnered with for renovation financing options.

Our core principles are:

(1) Quality, Quality, Quality
(2) Customer service and relationship 
(3) Efficiency

Services we provide: Residential & Commercial
2D & 3D Drawings 
Virtual Drawings
Custom Builds
Custom Renovations & Remodeling

How The Financing Works

Imagine you have a current 1st mortgage with RBC at 2.59% and you owe $325,000 paying $1471/month with the property's appraised value (pre renovations) coming in at $600,000. You would like to renovate your kitchen with Skyrock and the quote they've given you is $35,000. You also have a car loan that has a balance of $4500 paying $325/month, a credit card at 19.99% with a $2500 balance paying $100/month and a line of credit at 9.99% with a $15,000 balance paying $450/month and a $50,000 limit. You also have a 16 year old son who plays Baseball and it costs $10,000/year 



What we'll do after having this discovery discussion with you, is propose a smart solution to getting the renovations you're looking for and reduce your monthly expenses. With a simple refinance through we'll orchestrate a new 1st mortgage at 3.39% (today's 5 year rate). Conditions apply. Subject to change without notice. 




Expense                                 Balance                      Monthly

RBC Mortgage                      $325,000                     $1471

Car Loan                               $4500                           $325

Credit Card                           $2500                          $100

Line of Credit                       $15,000                       $450

Sports for kids                      $10,000                       $833

Renovated Kitchen              $35,000                        N/A

Total                                       $392,000                    $3179


​Expense                                   Balance                     Monthly

1st Mortgage                           $420,000                   $2055

Total                                         $420,000                   $2055

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